Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh god 3-D hurgh this was such a pain in the ass.

Sublimate's character Wednesday. I used white ink on top of the Sculpey, which was stupid.

Even more stupid? I want to try another one because I think I can do it better now.

Stupid stupid stupid.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I still draw! Lots, even! Just been forgetting to throw things up on this blog. Been pretty busy actually.

I'm in a bit of a fluff mode and I've been finding it hard to stop drawing Bon and Victor being goddamned adorable. (We've been working on an alternate story of the guys in a modern setting, have we mentioned? Because we are silly, and also sappy as hell.)

Also, there was a thread in the freebie forum that said it was looking for pitches to do three page comic, so that got me thinking and I produced this little scenario. The intended joke falls a little flat, but I still like it.

[A car is sitting outside of a small suburban kind of house in a somewhat decent looking neighborhood; this is in the late 1930s or early 1940s. It is night. The house is the only source of light. in the foreground is the windshield of a car and ]
[Victor and Bon are sitting in the car, watching the house and resting respectively, obviously waiting.]

A: "I hate it when they make you wait out in the goddamn car for an age."

B:"What, like we ain't got nothing else to do but wait for this guy? We have to sit in here stewing until he decides it's time to go?"

C: "Mm." [ Bon is nonplussed, eyes closed, obviously trying to nap while they wait]

D: "S'just goddamned rude is all."

E: "That it is, cher."

F: "
Finally." [ We can see someone leaving the house, its occupant waving goodbye.]

G:" Thought I was gonna die of old age before he left." [Vic reaches into his coat and Bon reaches down for something on the floorboard]

[Vic pulls out an automatic revolver and Bon is now holding a tommy gun]

Last panel bubble I forgot to include: "You wanna get some drinks at Muddy's after we waste this guy?" "Love to."

For panel 7 I'm not sure if the light source would go out, like they'd turned off the porch light, or if it'd get a little brighter, from the door being opened. By 9 it'd go back to the previous lighting, or darker.

Might try and make it later, see if I can't get a good streamlined comic process going. It helps that I could totally cheat on the background here. :3c

And then Vic and Bon were fancy British gentlemen. Vic's in uniform, an Officer of the Light Foot apparently.

Winding up with a little set of waist-ups of the boys. Might be using these for a thing on Gaia later.
That's it for now. Probably gonna pop up a commission I've almost finished on here tomorrow.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I figured I would chuck up my commission process, since I finally got one as part of a declaration that I was doing commissions, and not just something a friend asked for.

A gentleman by the name of Midaychi asked me to do a fullbody piece of his character of the same name. Midaychi is a Southern Sergal, a race made up by Mick Trancy. He was extremely helpful in providing me with references, so I had plenty of good source material to draw upon for this piece. I usually do research for visual refs anyhow for this kind of thing; Google Image Search is my copilot. He also provided a character biography, which I LOVE to have; it means I can try and imbue a little personality into my work.

First I did two pages of thumbnails, to get the hang of how Sergals were constructed and determine what I would have the character wearing. I opted to leave out much in the way of clothing, in favor of making the lines of the body clearer.

As you can see I had an idea for a headwrap, but decided it would look better framing his neck. Next I did a few thumbnails to determine what pose I would use in my final draft. After I'd found one I was happy with, I sent it to Midaychi to confirm that this was what he wanted.
Once he'd given his approval, he made the payment and I began working on the final draft. This step was a good formality I'd read about; this way HE knows that I am, in fact, working on his piece, and I know that I'm not going to get burned in terms of payment. Better business and everyone happy on all sides. I won't be able to do this on a sketch piece, since, obviously, the piece itself is a bit sketchy, but that's a bridge I'll cross when I come to it.
After that I pulled out the Bristol board, laid down my pencils, and inked the lines. I'm paranoid, so I scanned the lines in case I blew it during shading.
Then I started in with the inkwash. Lately if I ink I'm using brushes; I used to use dip pens, but the start-stop-refill-repeat process gets annoying quickly. They're still good for very fine lines, though. Here's the final product, a shaded fullbody ink piece, as ordered.
Et voila! Midaychi loved it, and I gave him files of all the work I had put into the piece; it costs me nothing more to do and gives him more flexibility in what he can do with his commission. He says that he'll probably try to get someone to color the un-shaded lines in the future. This was a real pleasure to work on and I'm hoping I get to do it again soon.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hell, maybe I actually CAN do this whole "make a page" stuff.

Assorted sketchery, mostly Gaia freebies done in an attempt to warm-up. Hand/wrist still bugging me a bit.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


And I would like to actually do them instead of just stating vaguely that I COULD do them. I'm at a bit of a flux point, no idea where I'm going to go in two months, so it'd be dandy if I could squirrel away a bit of cash before I've got to move. In the interest of furthering that goal, I'm opening up five commission slots and finally drawing up a proper price list.

$3 - 1 color Headshot - [x]
$5 - Waist Up or Full body Sketch, 1 color Digital or Pencil
$10 - Waist Up or Full body Ink, 1 color Digital or Ink [x] [x]
$15 - Color Waist Up - [x]
$25 - Color Full Body - [x]

All commissions will be done over PayPal. I'm fine with drawing pin-ups and some romance, I'm not cool with fetishes. Adding another character to any of the above is $5. I can work from photo reference if you would like. I'm happy to work with both visual and written character references if you want help developing the look of an original character.

Once the commission has been paid for, I'd be perfectly happy to STREAM the creation of your art! That means you can see what I'm doing as I draw the piece, and you can provide real-time feedback!

Just reply here or to, if you're interested and we'll hash it out over e-mail or messenger. (That works for both AIM and MSN.)


Commission: Glam Rock Gorilla

I GOT A COMMISSION OF ALL THINGS. The Dude von Doom gave me this mock-up from something I think is called Hero Generator.

I did a page of sketches first, which I streamed so that he could see how it was developing. There was some discussion over how the guitar should look, and Pablo, another of the creators for this character, eventually came up with the banana side-bit which I quite like.
After that I did a blue-line sketch using one of the poses I'd sketched out, trying to keep it active.
Inks and color followed, and I used a gradient style to shade I'd seen used well before. (All that stream-watching is paying off!)

The background is a combination of textures. This was fun to draw, if a bit time consuming.