Thursday, July 22, 2010


Evening sketchery.
Did a $5 headshot commission for Old Man Vee on Gaia. His character Krivvek.

And then I doodled.
The boys in kilts. Context wise this is probably some kinda music festival or something.

Also I whipped up a super fast logo thing for my stream.

OH AND. Me and Kait are Supernatural dorks.

Oni has me participating in a DC 30 days meme. First off is to describe your favorite DC character.

This took some thought but there's a recent addition to their company stable that is definitely a favorite, and that is, without a doubt, Will Eisner's The Spirit. Darwyn Cooke revived the series under DC, with a brilliant Batman one-shot and two trades that were a beautiful homage and stayed fresh. The creative teams that came after him were not able (as far as I read before it became unbearably stale) to keep the vital element that keeps Denny Colt, Denny Colt: his charm and humanity.

I love The Spirit for a lot of reasons, a lot of which honestly don't have anything to do with Denny Colt. Will Eisner pioneered narrative styles and story-telling in the comic medium, and used his Spirit series as a chance to stretch these out. Spirit stories could be sci-fi, horror, humor, noir, mystery, romance, spy stories, ANYTHING. And standing in the center of this maelstrom of amazing artistry is an intelligent, hardworking, and distinctly human man who will do anything he can to uphold justice.
Admittedly, one of the most important things for me is that Denny Colt just OOZES charm. He is Cary Grant in printed format- polite, witty, suave as hell and all the women want him- and he pratfalls beautifully. Just like with Cary Grant's background in acrobatics that made him a master of physical comedy, Denny Colt's appeal shines brightest when we find him flustered, shamed, embarassed (or tied to a chair and covered in lipstick marks). It helps that there are plenty of good foils to set him up. They make The Spirit beautifully human, for all of his otherworldly settings.

Anyhow. That's the first bit of the meme. I'll have to do two tommorrow to try and catch up.


  1. *Claps*

    Beautiful. I love observing other peoples' readings of characters and what it can bring out in them that you may not have known or thought of before. It's interesting that there's a raw immediacy to mine that speaks to my present and the present of the industry while yours looks back to a classic, to a timeless subject.

  2. Heh. You're doing a bang up job of driving the clumps of hair pics down to the bottom of the page.

  3. Thanks, Emma. <:3c

    AND MARTY THE PILE OF HAIR WAS STARTING TO GROSS ME OUT A BIT AGH. I really have been drawing like this anyways, just not making with the posting.