Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who has been drawing more than just beeyooteeful self portraits. Gaia retardicute..

Aaaalmost nsfw fap material....
A closer and closer to being finished commission for the illustrious Junk..

And Gaia ridiculousness.
This one also has a R-R-R-R-REMIX.

SO IN NON-DOODLY NEWS, reading an article about the Harlem Renaissance and how gay culture grew and behaved within its confines both helped me make some kind of background of what Chicago gay culture might have been like, but it also hooked me up with some TOTALLY KICKING BLUES MUSIC.

There's the lesbian blues of Ma Rainey, in which she dares people to try and prove that she's been sleeping around with the ladies, which is definitely my favorite of the bunch. And searching for Freakish Man Blues by George Hanna turned up a glorious blog with a wide assortment of old, wonderful blues music. Gladys Bentley was another great discovery from the book; she owned a club in Harlem where she entertained nightly in a tuxedo. One hell of a voice, and she's damned good on the piano.

All in all it has been a very slow, but musical day.

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