Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big ol' image dump, as usually happens when I don't post for a while.

Much drawing of Gaia stuff..

(I tried Sai, it was okay. )

BIGGEST awesome news was that Spike of Templar, Arizona stumbled across my little fanart of Moze here:
-and apparently really really liked it. ; u; This is what happens when she receives any fanart apparently, but damned if I did not feel crazy awesome. So yes. You should all go draw her more fanart. And read Templar, if you're not already, because goddamn that is a good comic.

Oh, and I've been fiddling about with Sculpey again, or there'd be more doodles.
Kait's gotten me interested in ball jointed dolls, but since I am not made of cash and like working with my hands, I've been opting instead to figure out their construction and how the joints all work together. Basically with this project I'm following the scientific principle that you learn the most by fucking up, not by being correct. AND BOY AM I LEARNING A LOT.

More later, and hopefully sooner than the last time. I've been focused on cooking more lately; latkes, risottos, fancy potatoes, zuchinni fry-ups. Definitely the most speedily gratifying of art forms. Nom nom nom.

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