Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finally did up a reference for older Victor.
And then I got into this comic RP thing which I am making ridiculous if I can.
Also I drew a friends OCs. ..and a random panty shot. Dammit Japan, you're rubbing off on me. U:< These two guys are this girl's yakuza bodyguard's. Daddy's little heir to the criminal empire or something. It's a fun set up, I'm just explaining it poorly. :U

But yeah. I feel good that I'm actually making backgrounds and made some kind of comic page. PROGRESS, SLOW BUT STEADY. Edit: I was reminded how much I enjoyed this random picture. Did an interaction thread, or tried to anyways. I like how Beau has what is essentially trollface.jpg going on. (Yes I know Jeza is simplified, but gimme some credit, I'd just finished doing something more detailed of her in very little time.)


  1. You'd have a hard time on Gaia finding people who thought the skirt was too shirt. Manga teaches that the wearing of skirts if specifically done to show off panties.

  2. Where do you think I'm learning it, oh god. ; A;
    (Also, have you read "How NOT to Draw Manga"? It has a Pantyshot Field Guide. :D )
    Also I hope that it came across that the taller guard kinda has a thing for her. :B Hurr.