Friday, April 2, 2010

First up, first two sketches of the first principal female character of the upcoming comic. They're terrifically rough, but here they are.

I was given "sexy librarian" look to work off of, and it was deemed essential she have impressive knockers. Need to hash out her fashion better; got another sketch around somewhere of her in a cardigan that looks much better.
Anyhow, also looking like I might be doing a small thing with the Dude von Doom, in support of his Nicky Two Vests story. Either way, I did a quick ink peice of the titular character.
I've done more, but I'm tired, a bit discombobulated, and just too damn lazy to keep scanning.

More on... Monday, I guess.


  1. Is she pointing at the said "impressive knockers" in the first pic?

  2. Hahaha, no, I'd planned to have her holding something, but it wound up remaining sketchy.

  3. She could be holding the viewer's attention with the impressive knockers.