Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I just forgot to post them. Again.I did two value studies last night, since my value use is weak, which makes my color worse, so I'm.. working up to that stuff. This is Rachel Noel Tyrell's lovely face from the Whitechapel Draw Me thread. (And it seems she liked it, yay!) I think I might have to establish doing one of these a day for a while until it becomes second nature. I think I learned a good deal from these two drawings.

This is a photo-referenced drawing of Jaborwhalky, form Whitechapel's "Draw Me" thread. (God she has the best outfits.) It feels like it needs a caption, but I just couldn't come up with one I liked. Any suggestions?

Been doing a lot of Victor sketches on Gaia too. Here are two:

(In which someone's OC defies gravity and most laws of physics, godammit me.)
(In which much flexing occurs.)
People seem to like Vic; or maybe they just enjoy seeing a dude that both looks like a dude, and does not look below the age of twenty, despite being centuries old, hurf durf. Anyhow, much planning going on with Kait over how our story ought to be going. Expect to see some character drawings coming this way soon.

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