Thursday, May 13, 2010

I can't stay away from da voodoo. Voudan to be technical. It's such an interesting pantheon and jumbling of colors into something that is just so incredibly VIBRANT. The Ghede alone are awesome and coarse and raucous.

So I spent the past two nights doing some general research and picking and drawing a Loa for Victor. I picked Baron LaCroix, Baron of the Cross, one of the leaders of the Ghede.
Messed around with sketches and finding little details, like sunglasses with one lens popped out, sacred colors, that kinda thing.
Finally grabbed a sketch I liked..
..and digitally inked it (with heavy anatomy tweaking) into this.
A lot of fun and something I'm rather pleased with. I do have some rum. Maybe I should leave a little bit out as a mark of respect.

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