Monday, May 17, 2010

Work in progress. Wrote it as I went, with a brief IM hashed out intro that I need to illustrate. This is why the dialogue sucks and feels clunky. Gonna rewrite a little after some sleep. This was meant to go somewhere frivolous but kinda wandered into dark waters. The curly-haired Cajun belongs to my co-writer Kait.

Edit: Blogger seems to have made it tinier than it is. I have found the image size limit, I see.


  1. Nicely done. Has a very Carla Speed McNeil vibe. That's a very solid strip.

  2. It needs the intro and a little expansion, but thank you, much appreciated. Dunno that I agree with the McNeil comparison, though.

  3. The lettering reminds me a bit of hers and the close up of Vic's enraged face reminds me of a scene with Jaeger. Its more of the scene and interaction reminding me of some of Carla's stuff.