Tuesday, June 1, 2010


And I would like to actually do them instead of just stating vaguely that I COULD do them. I'm at a bit of a flux point, no idea where I'm going to go in two months, so it'd be dandy if I could squirrel away a bit of cash before I've got to move. In the interest of furthering that goal, I'm opening up five commission slots and finally drawing up a proper price list.

$3 - 1 color Headshot - [x]
$5 - Waist Up or Full body Sketch, 1 color Digital or Pencil
$10 - Waist Up or Full body Ink, 1 color Digital or Ink [x] [x]
$15 - Color Waist Up - [x]
$25 - Color Full Body - [x]

All commissions will be done over PayPal. I'm fine with drawing pin-ups and some romance, I'm not cool with fetishes. Adding another character to any of the above is $5. I can work from photo reference if you would like. I'm happy to work with both visual and written character references if you want help developing the look of an original character.

Once the commission has been paid for, I'd be perfectly happy to STREAM the creation of your art! That means you can see what I'm doing as I draw the piece, and you can provide real-time feedback!

Just reply here or to paprika-chicken@hotmail.com, if you're interested and we'll hash it out over e-mail or messenger. (That works for both AIM and MSN.)


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