Friday, June 25, 2010

I still draw! Lots, even! Just been forgetting to throw things up on this blog. Been pretty busy actually.

I'm in a bit of a fluff mode and I've been finding it hard to stop drawing Bon and Victor being goddamned adorable. (We've been working on an alternate story of the guys in a modern setting, have we mentioned? Because we are silly, and also sappy as hell.)

Also, there was a thread in the freebie forum that said it was looking for pitches to do three page comic, so that got me thinking and I produced this little scenario. The intended joke falls a little flat, but I still like it.

[A car is sitting outside of a small suburban kind of house in a somewhat decent looking neighborhood; this is in the late 1930s or early 1940s. It is night. The house is the only source of light. in the foreground is the windshield of a car and ]
[Victor and Bon are sitting in the car, watching the house and resting respectively, obviously waiting.]

A: "I hate it when they make you wait out in the goddamn car for an age."

B:"What, like we ain't got nothing else to do but wait for this guy? We have to sit in here stewing until he decides it's time to go?"

C: "Mm." [ Bon is nonplussed, eyes closed, obviously trying to nap while they wait]

D: "S'just goddamned rude is all."

E: "That it is, cher."

F: "
Finally." [ We can see someone leaving the house, its occupant waving goodbye.]

G:" Thought I was gonna die of old age before he left." [Vic reaches into his coat and Bon reaches down for something on the floorboard]

[Vic pulls out an automatic revolver and Bon is now holding a tommy gun]

Last panel bubble I forgot to include: "You wanna get some drinks at Muddy's after we waste this guy?" "Love to."

For panel 7 I'm not sure if the light source would go out, like they'd turned off the porch light, or if it'd get a little brighter, from the door being opened. By 9 it'd go back to the previous lighting, or darker.

Might try and make it later, see if I can't get a good streamlined comic process going. It helps that I could totally cheat on the background here. :3c

And then Vic and Bon were fancy British gentlemen. Vic's in uniform, an Officer of the Light Foot apparently.

Winding up with a little set of waist-ups of the boys. Might be using these for a thing on Gaia later.
That's it for now. Probably gonna pop up a commission I've almost finished on here tomorrow.

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  1. It gets easier doing full pages the more you do them. Those thumbs are looking nice.