Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy busy night of Sketching! Me and Kait ( a Gaia buddy) spent hours talkin' and giggling over what our two characters would do if they met and somehow, somehow possibly became friends.
We are pretty sure this would not be a process without a few, er. Bumps in the road, as it were. C: It was fun aging up Victor and Beau (same guy from a few posts before) is a fun dude to draw. Since he's basically a dick.
Also Kait is quite inspirational when it comes to fleshing out Vic, and gracefully allowing me to gank an idea in regards to prosthetics. Many other things were doodled tonight, mostly of the silly variety, so I won't show them all.
...but I might have to show this one.
Beau and Vic make such pretty ladies.


  1. Strangely enough that's the comment that started me drawing them all lady-like in the first place. :B

  2. I went back in time and yelled, "CAT FIGHT"?

    Not again. Pesky worm holes.