Friday, March 5, 2010


This will be a blog to both encourage and catalog my daily sketching. I draw a lot of things that I tend to not post on my art sites, because I don't feel like they're good enough to be part of a 'portfolio.' So to get over and/or compensate for this, I'll be posting one thing every day that I've drawn or, possibly, painted. I would love any and all critique, since the focus of this blog is for me to get better.

Cheating for now with a photo-referenced sketch I drew yesterday, one of my own characters 'cosplaying' as Marv from Sin City. I'll probably post again today with something actually FROM today.
Thank you for reading. C:



  1. Mmmmaaarrrvvvv. This looks more like movie-Rourke than comic-Miller for some odd reason.

  2. That's because the reference was a movie-Marv. @w@ My google-fu was weak that day. Also the not-drawing-crazy-Miller-style probably helps.

  3. Welcome to Blogger. Beware the JPI virus.