Monday, March 22, 2010

So today I signed up for Script Frenzy. The goal is to write 100 pages of script in one month, much like NANOWRIMO is meant to produce a novel in one month.

I am a terrible writer. As proof, here is my planning for one of the possible story lines I will use for this project:
Oh lord. I'm so doomed.

Still, considering making it so that there are also 100 page thumbnails with these script pages. So that at the end of April, I could, theoretically just start drawing and crank this thing out.

...this possibly horrible thing.

Whatever. Practice practice practice is good. Now I'm off to read a huge amount of history so that I can add plausibility to my story.

(I'm CrusherVic, by the way, if you're of a mind to work on this too. )

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