Sunday, March 21, 2010

Right, tried to post this last night but forgot my silly password. SKETCHES. YES I STILL MAKE THEM.

Wound up doing another stream last night to try and get some mental quiet-ude. Started with a big honking pulp-action looking thing. Here's the underdrawing:
Still in-progress; got the inks partly done. I'll post that and the final color later on.
After things died down a bit I fell back on my Gaia standby and headed to the Freebie Forum to draw some OCs. First up is a person with another WW1 veteran character, name of Beau, who seems like an interesting guy. I wound up, completely unintentionally, making him Cary Grant. This makes me wonder if his creator has seen Father Goose.
Cary Grant with Clark Gable ears. Hee. (Those are shoulder holsters, incidentally.) And then since it was only right for old soldiers to get together for a drink, I had to draw this.
In my head they are discussing idiotic officers. And mocking them. Kait (Beau's creator) has dubbed them the "Amputee Alliance", since Beau's missing some fingers and less obviously, part of his leg.
This next one is a werewolf pack leader for someone writing a novel. Which reminds me, I need to get back to them about their first chapter. He's blind in that eye, which I kinda hope is obvious. I have no idea if eye tissue would scar that way; Google turned up no good reference images and I imagine the likelihood of a cutting wound that wouldn't just pop the eye completely might be a little rare. Random wolf-ear implies he's in the process of shifting, thus the black seeping into the green dreads.
And finally to cap the night off, I broke out of my DUDES WITH SCARS mold and tried to go for something delicate and feminine. I'm riffing heavily on the sample posted with the character's explanation, and it was a lovely reference to work from. But goddamn that hair gave me some trouble to emulate.
Right, I'd say that about covers it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some honest-to-God paintings done and available for posting here.

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  1. Very nice indeed! Big science action pulpy goodness is looking really sweet!