Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I'm entirely braindead just now, and I did get a little bit done last night/this morning for the pseudo-RP community I'm in. (aka, Drawhore group.)

These I hammer out in thirty minutes tops, usually more along the lines of ten or fifteen minutes. With the story telling method we use, speed becomes kind of essential, and in a back-and-forth exchange the faster you are the longer you can crank out a narrative.

It certainly doesn't make for masterpieces, but it does force you to sketch the gist of a lot of different things.
Probably not going to post anything else today; I have to spend my time today painting and writing, as I'm behind on my school projects.

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  1. It's definitely an old school approach like the type you'd see back in the golden age comics. Speed was key so the artists had to crank the pages out quickly and efficiently. This led to simpler drawing styles and a very utilitarian approach.