Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh gosh, it's been days. ;w; How terrible of me. I SWEAR I've been drawing, I just haven't posted much about it, partly because some of what I drew went up on my Deviant Art. I've been doing Gaia commissions as a form of practice, both art-wise, and frankly, commission-wise. I don't quite have the balls to go out and say "HEY THIS IS WHAT I'M WORTH SO YOU MOOKS SHOULD PAY FOR IT" just yet. Bit hit or miss on hammering through things I get artblocked on.

Anyhow, I think this one was my favorite of commissions drawn. I really do have a lot of fun working in black and white.

Birdie birdie birdie. I've been more and more interested in birds lately.
Nothing much else of a serious nature. Trying a 'theme' commission set up on Gaia, basically doing one face and modding it for different avatars. I've seen things like that on FurAffinity that were quite popular. My own avatar's version made as a sample:
(Vic's in a WW1 uniform and I've made it look a bit like he's in a cloud of gas.) Seem to be doing things a little more complex coloring-wise on the commissions. These are kinda fun and definitely silly.
S'pose I'll close out with another WIP. A mopey Victor shot I've been toying with off and on. The story I'm picturing for him is not a happy one, so chances are good I'll be drawing more like this.

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