Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Gaia sketchings. Think I have the inks done for the Mook/Roger/Vic space poster from earlier, but I'm gonna wait until I can tweak it later to post.
The tiny legs started as a joke and then just kinda stuck. Strangely endearing.
An OC given the fashion specifications of "neo-victorian with elements of Japanese fashion." I did what I could. Bloomers like that are a feminist invention, so personally I'd ear mark that as part of her personality. This outfit looked a lot better in my head, honestly. :l
More Vic and Beau shenanigans, with my Gaia 'twin' who shares my birthday.
Also no one will stop talking about Pokemon, so then Victor was a pokemon.

Et voila.


  1. Vic and Beau get caught up in more Shenanigans. They're like the Hope and Crosby of the web comic set.

  2. Hahaha, that's pretty much exactly what I'm hoping! My co-creator assures me there needs to be more car chases and explosions, though. So it'll be a violent sorta odd-couple.